Our animals

Our alpacas

Alpacas are camelids who come from south America. In their natural enviroment they live in big herds between 3500 and 5000 meters on the Ande in Chile, Bolivia and Perù. They adapt themselves vey well to every kind of enviroment, so we imported them in Europe.

There are two kind of alpacas:

  1. Huacaya, the most common one, with a soft and elastic wool. Our alpacas belong to this kind;
  2. Suri, it is a very rare breed and it is even more valuable than Huacaya. It has a really fine wool, it can even be compared to silk.
Our goats

We have been focusin our breeding system on the goat named “Frisa Valtellinese”. This goat comes fron the Valtellina: this is the reason that made us take this decision!

We have also been taking part to the annual goats show in Valmalenco, with great results!

Our bees

Our goal breeding animals is to preserve their freedom and their natural attitudes. This is why we breed our bees in Kenya Top Bar hives.

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